Putting Security Back in the Hands of Users

  • Putting Security Back in the Hands of Users

    Headline after headline, the most recent being Ashley Madison, show just how poor many organisations are at providing “secure” services. Imperfect technology, and poor use of technology by others, frequently puts our privacy and even security at risk.

    We have to move to a world where our technology is able to work for us, and not against us. Where it helps prevent companies using information about you without your permission, and where we rely as little as possible on central authorities to validate and generate things like cryptographic keys.

    I believe in giving people control of their own computer security.

    A first step in this evolution is Scrambl, which authenticates communication links via your own judgement of the people or devices you link to, not just that of some impersonal central authority. If two people use Scrambl to connect then they don’t have to rely on any other service to identify each other, or generate their encryption keys, or do anything else they need to trust. The only need to trust each other.

    HCBK, the protocol driving Scrambl’s military-grade user protection, was built to put security back into the hands of its users, and give them back their right to privacy.

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