Is Authentication More Important Than Encryption?

  • Is Authentication More Important Than Encryption?

    As the world becomes increasingly dependent on mobile communications, ensuring your messages are encrypted is essential to security. However, with security risks increasingly coming from the ‘man in the middle’ of our communications, there needs to be more attention paid to an important layer in the mobile security model. This key component is known as authentication – where both parties must prove their identities to each other.

    Encryption is generally the focal point of many conversations regarding communications security. Encryption of critical data to protect it from thieves is certainly a required component to user privacy. Yet user authentication is perhaps of equal or more significance.

    Authentication – the ability to validate the person on the other end of your communications is who they, in fact, claim to be

    Encryption – locking messages with cryptographic methods

    Some might see authentication as more important than encryption. Having the world’s best lock on your front door (encryption), does little to ensure privacy if you don’t know who might have the keys (authentication).

    Knowing beyond and doubt that the keys to your encrypted communications only exist on your device and the device on the other end of the conversation is critical to ensuring privacy. Anything less exposes communication data to breach and potentially damaging consequences.

    Recovering from such a breach can be costly and time-consuming, and, sometimes not possible at all. Credibility can be lost, brands can be damaged, stock prices can tumble and law suits can incur.

    What are you doing to protect yourself?

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