OxCEPT is an early stage internet cyber-security company, borne from patented technology developed at the University of Oxford.

OxCEPT’s mission is to put privacy back into the hands of users, by delivering highly secure real time communication products to business teams around the world.


OxCEPT’s first commercial release is a secure instant messaging app called Scrambl. Scrambl is currently in private beta, and the iOS version of the app will be available publicly upon US export approval of the embedded encryption technology.


OxCEPT’s technology is protected by the following US and European patents:

US 8230229 B2 – Security in Computing Networks

EP 1998494 A1 – Security in Computing Networks

Security in Computing Networks – PATENT ABSTRACT

A system for verifying the security of communications between a set of nodes via a high-bandwidth, insecure communications channel. A number of embodiments are described for enabling authenticated communication between the nodes in an environment wherein there is a high bandwidth Dolev-Yao network amongst the nodes and non-spoofable, low-bandwidth empirical channels between each pair.

US 9270450 – Method and Device for Mutual Authentication

Method and Device for Mutual Authentication – PATENT ABSTRACT

A method of authenticating communication between a first and second party (or node) over an insecure, high bandwidth communications network, in which the first party (C) authenticates the second party (M) using a communications protocol comprising a first communications phase through a first communications channel over the insecure, high bandwidth communications network to establish a secure mode of communications between the first and second party, followed by a second communications phase of receiving information from the second party over a second communications channel, such as an empirical channel, and enabling a user to make a human comparison of the information received from the second party with information generated by the first party thereby enabling the user to authenticate the second party in the event of the information from both parties agrees.

OxCEPT’s patented protocol has also been included in the information technology world standard ISO 9798-6  — security techniques for entity authentication.